Jan 19, 2012

Resident Evil 6 Trailer

You guys remember back when the Resident Evil  franchise was in video games right? Me niether. But apparently that actually happened. So here's a trailer which shows some story gameplay and a relse date for the next chapter in Resident Evil (the games not the movies)
Two things: 1: its weird that the new trailer for the next Resident Evil Movie and game show up on the same day. (Coincidence? I think not!) And 2: The games better get moving. Its five to six with these two new premiers and I think it'll just be weird to have more movies than games of a franchise that started as video games. (I'm probably alone there though)


  1. Ha, he said "pony" up the dough. :D Get it? Anybody? ...Why am I alone?

  2. I've gotta be honest. I never really liked the movies all that much. As for this game, I just hope going back to the city doesn't feel too bland after the exotic setting of the last one.

    And yes, Chameleon, I heard it too. *Ba dum tish*

  3. I'm glad you guys said something, I heard the word pony in that trailer and I thought I had finally lost it and was starting to hear things. Glad to know that's not true, isn't that right Twilight? *looks over at plastic Twilight* I'm glad you agree with me! *neveous twitch*