Jan 30, 2012

Pony Pics 53

No octopus panty battles in this one, sorry guys.  I feel like I failed.

Are socks ever going to go away?  I never saw what was so great about them.  Now top hats, that's a trend I want to see. 

I really want a Carrot Top episdoe, one where she and Derpy are in a dysfunctional house mates styled sitcom.. 

Don't nock it till you try it I suppose. 

What a coincidence, I don't know how to successfully comment on artwork.

 Did anyone else get the song stuck in your heads?  What am I saying, of course you did.

Applejack, the perfect role model for little girls.

...or she could just move away from the window? 

And then Big Mac went on a killing rampage because everpony had ignored him.

Luna must have been taking too long in the shower.  Now Celestia has to go out and bathe in the rive, for shame. 

Yup, it's our Lou again.  I say our in the loosest way possible.

I can't look at this pic without thinking of Celestia exploding in a horrible gory mess.  Why?  Because her mane is like a lit fuse, slowly burning down until, BOOM! 

I suddenly like Gilda now.


  1. Oh my, putting the lame horse out of its misery. Not the first time I've seen it done with MLP, but still so wrong and hilarious.

    Also, I really like that Trixie. Though, not-quite-human ponies with fingers still weird me out a bit, haha.

  2. I don't care much for socks, just juiceboxes.

    Oh God, now all I see is exploding ponies, too.

  3. gahhhh exploding ponies everywhere!!!!
    Celestia: now i will spread my love throughout ALL EQUESTRIA!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHHAHA!
    Twilight: no Princess you dont have t-
    WHAT? there was supposed to be an ear- i mean equestria-shattering kaboom!
    better. much better.