Jan 19, 2012

Pony Pics 51

Like I said, trying to get these out faster.  Now I have a question for you guys, so leave me an answer.  I only put pics I personally like into the Pony Pics.  A filter for posting only the best pics, if you will.  Sometimes that means it takes a while before I get enough pics for a Pony Pics.  Now here's where I'm uncertain.  Do you think I should: A.keep on like this, B.post smaller but more frequent Pony Pics, C.Stop being so picky and post more pics, even the ones that aren't super amazing.  

Another issue I would like to know is should I do like Equestria Daily does and extrapolate larger comics into their own separate posts or just do it like I have been.  This way is easier, but if you would rather have the comics separate, I could do that.

And finally, should I just shut up?  I try my damnedest to come up with marginally entertaining comments, but are they actually detracting from the posts?  Would it be better to just give you the pics without commentary?

Please leave comments and whatnot.  This is to help improve your viewing experience.  Like I've tried to say before.  Tell us how we can do stuff better.  You're our dear followers, we should try and give you what you want.  Let me know how to make your visits to Obsession Is Magic more enjoyable.  

Now that I've given you some homework, onto the pics!

My mind still gets boggled whenever I start thinking to hard about Celesita/ Luna's mane.

 Everyone always likes to draw dark Pinkie Pie, but I think dark Rainbow Dash is criminally under drawn.

I want Infinite to get here so bad... so bad. 

I've never liked Angel.  Maybe it's just jealousy that he gets to live with Fluttershy and i don't.

 Holy crap.  What is Luna's a werealicorn.  She only turns into her full flowy mane self under a full moon.  Yup, I'm a genius. 

 Dat sad Fluttershy makes this picture.

In case you're completely confused by this, it's emulating the style of Rayman: Origins.  

Eventide is a project that Crappyunicorn is working on.  And before you ask, yes, I am going to be posting it.  Just try and stop me!


  1. I like to think that we only want to post the best of the best on our site, so there's nothing wrong with only posting what you think will be most appealing. But you don't have to comment on every pic, same way I don't comment on every meme. That's just my opinion. What do you think, viewers?

  2. I think you should keep posting like this. The Pony Pics posts don't need to be any more frequent, just keep putting up what you think is the best. And personally, I enjoy the commentary, keep it up unless you actually don't want to.

    On another note... I'm pretty sure nobody likes Angel. =P

  3. Keep the pony pic selection process as it is. Quality over quantity. As for the comics; separating the really large and well made comics might be a good idea, but I don't think it's completely necessary. And personally I like the commentary, but if it's tough to come up with something for each pic then don't force it.