Jan 16, 2012

Pony Pics 50

Since it's a holiday, I won't have time to upload our episode review today, so instead I'll do this quick Pony Pics.  Don't worry, you'll get to see us (Galvin is in this one) first thing tomorrow in all our ranting glory.  Yes, that image is from our very own Lou.  He must have escaped from the alternate dimension he was trapped in.  (My imagination is much more fun than reality.)

I usually don't post images from Ask Pony sites, but I had to make an exception for this one.  I mean come on!  Look at that Ditzy (or Dreamy as she's called on that site.)

Poniborru has ruined the Berry Ruby relationship for me, and I mean that exactly how you think I mean.

There needs to be more bearded ponies.   

A helmet?  I doubt Rainbow would be the type of person to worry about such silly things as personal safety.

Yeah, this is how I feel in all my networking classes.

If it's night and day at the same time, then I bet that's playing havoc on the ecosystem.
The age old question, does Pinkie's hair taste like cotton candy?  The world may never know.

More stories should get summed up like this.  Leaves us more time for the explosions! 

I love how they're just going to watch her drown.  Way to help out guys. 

I still love Rarity in this style.  

Big comic ahead, click to enlarge.

Nurse Red Heart is more of a badass than I thought.

And 1 spicy pic below.

Pffft.  The Closet Brony claims I'm too perverted for his taste.  Here there be monsters indeed.


  1. Did he really say you were "too perverted for his taste?" Well, so much for the "Obsession is Closet Nightly" banners I spent all that money on.

  2. Not in those words no. He sent me a message saying he was going to have to warn his viewers that we post pictures that are hotter than he's comfortable with.