Jan 9, 2012

Pony Pics 49

To celebrate me being back in school, have a pony pics.  I'll try to make this a bit more frequent, got lax over the winter break.  Also, here's a weird phenomenon.  Check out our popular posts section, it's only set for the last seven days, but it NEVER changes.  It's always those same Pony Pics (22, 2, 11, and 20).  How is is that every week, they are continually the most popular posts.  It's freaking me out.  Why can't a Hall of Pony get up there?  No, it's always those infernal Pony Pics, those things where I'm super corny and make stupid comments.  I'm starting to get self conscious.


It's crappyunicorn, you can't comment on that, only bask in it's glow.

Okay, this pic is pretty awesome... but I still hate sea ponies.

I would sacrifice a small country if I could get a clone of myself, but I doubt the world could handle two Dusty's, even if one was a female.  Oh my God.  If I had sex with a female me, then we would have little Dusty's and then they would have little Dustys and so on and so forth until the world's population consisted only of Dustys.  It's so beautiful... I think I need a minute.

I got two comments about how stupid I was for liking the Transformers movies, then directly found this.  Weird.

If I ever got a leech on me... you'd know.  Trust me, my scream would be so loud and pure that you'd hear it from wherever you are.  I am not a manly man... not at all. 

I did not expect to see a My Little Pony / Sweeney Todd crossover this morning.  There needs to be more of those.

Where'd the parasprites come from?  I call foul!  They weren't in the episode.

... can ... can she actually do that?

God, this fits my huggy nature perfectly.  I kid you not, when I say I like hugs, I.  Like.  Hugs.

I've got nothing.

Sexy pic below

 While she functions as a soft chair, sadly Rainbow Dash offers no back support.


  1. I click on the pony pics every day just to mess with you :)

  2. *scrolls down far enough to see Pinky but not Rainbow* ok then......
    *scrolls farther down, sees Rainbow Dash* much better. :D
    *sees Dashie is being used as a seat* THAT BITC*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PINKY IM ABOUT TO GO ALL-OUT CUPCAKES ON YOUR AS*!
    *realizes that its just a picture regardless* um...Rainbow for the win. that is all.