Jan 15, 2012

Pony Memes #5

My first one in awhile, so I'm putting in an extra 5. Enjoy!

The Rent in Canterlot is Too... by cynder9
No Fear by McNoodleNuts (yo das rascist)
Rainbow Dash Sleeping by ParanoidPenguin
So Bucking Excited by ohrearry (what happened to me after seeing Baby Cakes)
YyYyYyAaAaAaAaAaYyYyYy by k3ntag3nt
MLP Canon Gets Weirder And Weirder by urkelbot666
You Forgot Heartstrings by nephykupo (well this solves everything)
Wait Ten Seconds by mikkel14 (my pick-up line for when I go to BroNYCon)
Why Didn't I Minimize? by Gookinhimer (EVERY. TIME.)
Frank Sinatra Makes Luna Happy by LhasaApso (this made me laugh, but I don't think a lot of ponies will get it. I've been told I'm a 40 year old trapped in a young adult's body...)
Apples Gonna Bloom by ipeterg123
Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like To Brace Yourself (Question for those who follow Ask Ponies: who's cuter? AskRubyPinch, Woonastuck, or Askmlcblobs? I can't decide.)
What A Thoughtful Princess by HaouJudai
Chaos, Chaos Everywhere by Squaller
Can't Forget Zap Apple Jam by Kagemaru182
Fluttershy Is Best Pony (D'aaaw)
Reunited And It Feels So Good by Crimson_Pegasus (if you know where the second image is from, you are my new internet best friend)
SOON by Bendyrulz
When In Doubt, Listen To Fluttershy by BloomingPonies (Awwwww Yeeeaaahhh)


  1. "Why Didn't I Minimize?" made me LOL quite heavily. I sure was like that during the early stages of brony onset.

    Frank Sinatra FTW! Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. XD

    Of course I know where the second image in "Reunited And It Feels So Good" is from. Perfectly fitting too. After all, who else is that manly AND that sparkley?

    1. Something tells me Armstrong and Edgeworth from Ace Attorney would be bronies, too. And congrats, you're my new internet best friend!

    2. Aww yeah, spreadin' the magic of friendship! And as for Edgeworth being a brony, have you seen part two of the fan project "Phoenix Wright / My Little Pony FIM - Turnabout Storm"? If you haven't seen any of it yet, I'd recommend part one first, which is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUDfoZGhLjE