Jan 16, 2012

Our Favorite Prince To Hate Is Gone

Remember that /THE/ Prince Blueblood Tumblr we put in the Ask Pony Hall of Fame awhile ago? Well, the ride has come to an end. Turboman (or Turbomeister, if you prefer) is going to stop making updates to his Tumblr saying, and I quote, "Well pals, you know how the Tears For Fears song goes, 'nothing ever lasts forever, not even internet blogs about jerkass ponies' and sadly this is when I say goodbye. Months ago when I made this Tumblr I didn't expect to get 100 followers, much less 1000, certainly NEVER 2000 and I am very happy to see that I managed to get to 3000 before this truck ran out of fuel... but ultimately this blog was made for two reasons: to have fun and force myself to learn how to draw our little equine TV friends. I had fun... I've been getting tired of Tumblr. I want to avoid being like the Simpsons and keep on dragging for the sake of dragging it on, I think it's better to leave on a high note." He continues on to say there is always a chance that he may start the blog up again, but just like Ask Pinkamina Diane Pie, that chance is very slim.

From his Deviantart account, TTTurboman, he says "I've been drawing robots for more than a year now... Because of friends telling me to, I ended up drawing midget horses from the new internet sensation cartoon, and as much as I like those things, I am not in absolute complete love as I am with drawing robots! But it seems that drawing those ponies gives me much more views and comments than the robots in a much faster rate... I mean, I like that people like my stuff! Showing people what I do is the very reason I draw! It's fun to share! But yet there's something in the back of my head that makes me go 'hmmm, there's something bothering me.'"

Now, I condensed those quotes, so it might be best if you click those links and read the whole things for yourself. I'm going to miss that snobby goofball, since he was my favorite Ask Pony Tumblr. I suggest that everyone show this guy some support by checking out his non-pony stuff if you're into robots. I've looked at some of it, and there's some high quality stuff.

Poor Surprise


  1. This is sad, sad news! I don't normally Tumbler, but when I do it was for Prince Blueblood!

    Though a new one that I've been very intrigued by is the Diamond Tiara Lost blog. It's set up as an 8-bit video game and so far has proven itself highly entertaining!


    1. I read it and I loved it! And omgomgomg woonastuck is in there too!