Jan 20, 2012

My Little Dashie

Image by oppositebros

My Little Dashie- by ROBCakeran53

I am a brony. Yeah, I know, it's obvious. I make posts for a site dedicated to the show, for goodness sake. Being a closet brony like myself, I generally live a second life off the internet. I've learned far too well how ignorant people can be, and to me, admitting you like brightly colored ponies is the equivalent of being a fish in the middle of a shark frenzy. I even asked myself occasionally, "This show was targeted for little girls. Is there something wrong with me?" I know for sure some of my friends would think that. So, on the outside, I've gotta be manly. No "girly" stuff. And especially NO crying.

I broke that last rule after reading My Little Dashie. There is no other way to put it: I cried. ROBCakeran53 has written one of the most heart warming stories I've ever read. And so, while I'm still probably never going to admit my love for the show to anyone off the computer, I know that, no matter what, even if it really is wrong, I will never stop being what I am: a brony.

So, go ahead, read My Little Dashie if you haven't already. I warn you, it's a real tearjerker. Also, make sure no one interrupts you for a half an hour. "How's that homework coming along? Hey, what's wrong, are you crying?" "Mom, go away, can't you see I'm busy?!" When you're done, write down your experience in the comments. And that includes you, anons. We love you too.


  1. I'd heard about this fic before... and now I've finally read it. Curse you for subjecting me to this, Chameleon. It made me have feelings dangit!

    As for being a closet brony... I feel that there shouldn't be any problem telling close friends that you enjoy MLP. I've told most of my IRL friends and they're pretty cool about it. I get the occasional jab about having my man card revoked, but it's all in good fun. XD Of course, I still haven't told quite a few of my relatives, lol.

    And yeah, anons, Y U NO COMMENT MORE OFTEN? Let your thoughts be heard, everypony!

  2. That's the single most beautiful thing I have ever read. The last part, the letter, had me in floods of tears.

    Just... Magical.

  3. I've read a lot of sad fics and a lot of them made me misty eyed or maybe made me shed a single tear. My Little Dashie made me cry. A lot.

    Same as you, none of my IRL friends know I'm a brony. In fact, I keep a lot of my interests hidden from my IRL friends. They don't know I'm a massive trekkie, they don't know that I used to play Runescape all night long. Hell, they don't even know I'm a Doctor Who fan. If I can't tell them these things how can I tell them I like a show for 6 year old girls and that I've even read fan fictions about it.

    I now live two lives. One where I'm myself and one where I'm a "manly" and "normal" guy. I hope that someday I'll just be myself.

    Dammit, I just when on one of my weird, long winded tangents. I hate it when that happens.

    1. Summed up exactly how I feel. Despite what I said, I actually have a few friends that know the "other" side of me, which is the brony, Steam-playing, anime-loving side. But most people don't know that part of me. I too hope one day I can just be myself.

    2. I HAD a couple of IRL friends who knew what I'm really like. But unfortunately they moved hundreds of miles away, so now I classify them as "internet friends". Which sucks.

  4. I'd been putting this story off, because I knew it was sad and I avoid sad stuff like the plague. But since everyone keeps on bringing it up, I gave it a shot. Yes, I was struggling to hold back the tears near the end. I hate you so much for making me read that Chameleon. :(

    I hated the fact he didn't get to go to Equestria. Celestia said he didn't belong there, just like Rainbow didn't belong here. But Rainbow had been living just fine in our world for 15 years, why couldn't he go live in Equestria? It's not like the ponies would experiment on him like the humans would have Rainbow Dash (at least not if Celestia tells them not too). I so wanted that to be the ending.

    Since everyone is talking about if their secret or not, I think I've made it clear that I'm not a hider. I've told my friends, family, and so on. Not all of them, but the ones I care about. And my Brony shirt, I wear that around, so I'm not on the down low.

  5. I have just read it, and let me tell you, I am not the same, nor will I ever be. Reading this story made me laugh, cry, and think about life on a new level. This story is a major turning point in my life, and I want to say it is bitter sweet. I love the ponies, more than any human. They are my friends, and the bronies are my family. This may seem nice, but at the end, I will never be able to experience any time what so ever with a pony in my lifetime. Now that may seem childish, but after reading this story, you may think differently. I just want to say, this world with all the bronies, with their love and tolerance for each other and me may be great, but it will only be second best, just a shadow of where I truly want to be in life. Now, I am off to dreamland to just be awoken by the gray that is my life. Not all is bad mind you, I still have the show...

    1. I realize that you probably won't return to this page and therefore won't read what I am about to type out, even so I'd like to say what I have to say:

      Don't let the show consume you. Your life may be dull and depressing but it will get better, the thing is: you have to make it get better. You want to make your life brighter? Make friends both on and offline, help people when you can, and try to find what truly makes you happy because I refuse to believe the show is all you have.

      You know what I thought of after I read the story? I thought the world the man lived in was similar to the life I lived before I discovered the bronies. Not the show and not the characters from the show. The bronies and their community. The community that has raised tens of thousands of dollars for charity. The community that supports one another in times of need. The community that was built on the ideals from a show aimed a 8 year old girls. When something as weird and wonderful as that can happen you start to realize that maybe the world isn't quite as dark and dull as it sometimes seems.

    2. That there is poetry. It's been said before, but what the show has done is a major accomplishment. It's made me a better friend, a better student, and generally a better person. Eternocte's right. If we can live in a world where it's possible for people to like My Little Pony, then we live in a world where anything is possible if we're willing to give it a try.