Jan 12, 2012

Grimdark Ponies

*WARNING: MATURE CONTENT click links if you dare*

Okay, what was I thinking? My idea was to try to explain the interconnection between several popular grimdark ponies. I already knew a few, so I thought finding a couple others would be a cinch. It ended up taking up the whole weekend and several days for me to research for this post. I’m really starting to respect this guy. So, I made the decision to just name the interactions between six key Tumblrs and pretend everything else didn't happen.
So, without further ado, those six are:

-Pinkamina Diane Pie: Artist- Crooked Trees (Deviantart)
-Fractured Loyalty (FL): Artist-mlpplushiesandmerch (someone on that Tumblr is the artist)
-Lil' Miss Rarity (LMR): Artist- Lil' Miss Jay
-Paranoid Twilight (PT): Artist- Voiceless Speechless (on Deviantart)
-Crapplejack (CJ): Artist- Renard Foxx
-TryToAskNicely (TTAN): Artist- idklol

First up should be one we’ve all heard of. Pinkamina Diane Pie (first name mispelled) is based on Sergeant Sprinkles’ Cupcake fanfic, and the “mother” to all grimdark Ask Pony blogs, and arguably to most Ask blogs (along with Ask Applebloom). She spends most of her time indoors, and at night kidnaps and tortures other ponies. She even killed and made a suit out of one very unlucky pony. In one comic she is seen strangling Fluttershy (more on that later), and even shows off a crude hoodie she made using Berry Punch's skin.

About 2 months ago, Crooked Trees made a blog post stating that she is putting "Ask Pinkamina on permanent hiatus". It was no longer fun for him to draw the comics anymore, and so he decided to stop. I would link to the post, but recently Trees took down both the Ask blog along with another one of his blogs, toringendesertparty.The only thing left of the blog is an archive, put up by somepony else. Although Ask Pinkamina was over, it was not an end to the Ask Pony "Cupcakeverse".

On October 5th, Lil Miss Rarity was born. She seems to be in the same universe as Pinkamina, as evidenced by one of the first comics on the blog. She explains that after Pinkie disappeared, several other ponies began to vanish as well. Scared, Rarity locked herself in her boutique. During this time, Rarity kills her cat, discovers that she enjoys pain, becomes deeply obsessed with Pinkamina's Tumblr, and even sows her dead cat's heart into a life-size doll of Pinkamina. Occasionally, Rarity hallucinates that the Pinkamina doll is real. In one instance, Twilight makes an appearance, but walks in on Rarity at the wrong moment and gets a sewing machine to the head. FL has also shown up a few times, and the two end up having a very intimate *ahem* relationship.

A week later, on October 11th, Crapplejack was open for business. She is connected to a couple Tumblrs, namely Paranoid Twilight and Lil Miss Rarity. CJ has become an alcoholic to deal with the stress of staying on the farm all day and protecting it from the grimdark community. While she doesn't want anything to do with LMR, she is still good friends with PT, and so far has even invited her over. After she disabled the minefield, of course.

Of all of these Tumblrs, Rainbow Dash is the most controversial. Most believe her to be dead, and others think, after reading another infamous fanfiction called Rainbow Factory, that she is alive but insane. Fractured Loyalty stands out from the crowd by being neither: she is alive, but has made it clear that the Rainbow Factory is fiction in her universe, too. This version of Rainbow Dash has given up on caring: about herself, other ponies, and her job as a weather pegasus.

Even though FL technically is in the Cupcakes verse, she apparently found a loophole that resets space and time whenever a pony dies, meaning that she is immortal (try not to think about it too hard). From the beginning, FL acknowledges Pinkamina, Lil Miss Rarity, Try To Ask Nicely, and Crapplejack, so in a way she is the most pivotal Tumblr of all. Besides with LMR, FL has been having *ahem* intimate relationships with Fluttershy. Since Trees has given up on the Pinkamina blog, FL has taken the liberty of picking up where it left off. At the moment, Rainbow Dash runs into Pinkamina trying to leave town, and the two ponies are in the middle of an epic fighting montage.

Now, the hardest Tumblr to choose was for Fluttershy, but I decided to go with TryToAskNicely. It features a Fluttershy with anger issues, started on November 11th. In one of the comics, Fluttershy makes a reference to Pinkamina killing her with a plastic bag. She apparently is alive, and not willing to forgive Pinkamina, but has no problem with the Pinkie Pie in her own universe (again, don't think too hard). TTAN has also chatted with FL about Fluttershy's recent "assertiveness." As a gift, TTAN makes a Pinkamina doll to give to FL, who promptly rips it to shreds. Her version of Angel still has long legs, since in this universe Discord was not stopped.

And finally, the source of my headache: Paranoid Twilight. This alternate pony started on October 15th (the same day as FL), and is exactly like the name: an extremely paranoid version of Twilight, which was caused by her return to magic kindergarten. Fortunately for her, Spike is sane and still takes care of her. She is aware of alternate dimensions, and hypothesizes that after the "Lesson Zero" screw up, Celestia cloned Twilight, not punishing one and sending the other to magic kindergarten in another dimension. In one of the first comics, she references LMR, Pinkamina, and CJ, showing they are all in her universe. The exception is Rainbow Dash, who she mentions works in the Rainbow Factory, so it's not FL (though they did answer one of FL's questions)

On top of it all, PT has met with alternate versions of herself (Friendly Twilight, Ask Twilight Sparkle, and Filly Twilight) and is currently stuck with FT and ATS in a crack they made in reality. At the same time, because the artist likes to jump timelines, PT is also bringing Nitwhite, an imaginary friend made from a ponyquin, owl feathers, and a possessed pegasus wing, to life. Renard Foxx, artist for Crapplejack, made a real life model of Nitwhite.

And that's it! Now that this is over, I'll get back to your regularly scheduled pony memes. I'll have to think of a better way to thank all our followers without biting more than I can chew.


  1. Wow, there's a lot of crazy in that post... I applaud you for gathering all that. I feel I should check some of those out, but I haven't even forced myself to read more than a few paragraphs of "Cupcakes" yet. It's not that the dark subject matter bothers me, it's the fact that cute little pastel equines are the characters involved in said circumstances.

    1. Believe it or not, I actually haven't read either Cupcakes or Rainbow Factory, and I also don't like seeing bright, innocent ponies in such a manner. However, after reading on Know Your Meme that Ask Pinkamina was one of the first and most influential Ask blogs, I had to see it for myself. I was suprised to see that it was actually well done, as well as the other grimdark blogs I spotlighted here. So, while I don't approve, I'll give credit where it's do.

    2. Now that's what I call a post! Good job Chameleon.

  2. Thanks Dust! Maybe I'll make another one in 5 years when we reach 100,000!

  3. http://trytoasknicely.tumblr.com/ actually deleted their account :( It's sad because they were actually really good...

    1. That sucks, always hate to see a good Ask die.

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  5. Rainbow Factory is the only fanfic which I like. The story is good and without exaggeration ;3