Jan 13, 2012

Fox trolling us again, Time to Play covering BroNYCon and articles

Yep! I've got more articles and Fox been trolling us again. Good ol' Fox.

MLP is a feminist cartoon, apparently. Read here.

UGO's has released an article on subcultures you never knew existed, it can be found here.

Here's an article covering the recent brony census.

Here's an article on MLP toy modding. Yep.

Here's an article about BroNYCon and below is a video from Time to Play magazine of interviews at the con.

And Fox was at BroNYCon, isn't that nice?


  1. Fox reported My Little Pony. That must mean the whole thing is a lie.

  2. Also, whoever that guy was that dressed up as Big Macintosh deserves a pat on the back. Great quote!

  3. I thought that whole Fox report was freakin' hilarious. Well, except for the part where he suggested a pony named "Angel Dust" to Nicole Oliver. That part was a bit more awkward than necessary.