Jan 28, 2012

BambooDog Hall of Pony

BambooDog! Go!

1.When/how did you discover MLP:FIM?
-I remember seeing something on the internet talking about a new MLP show, but was skeptical about it. I used to watch the show when I was younger, but even though it was nostalgic for me I didn't really try to watch it. It took a while, and by the fifth episode I decided to give it a try. I instantly was drawn in by it, and now I'm unable to turn away.

2.Who is your favorite main cast character and why?
-That would be non-other than Rarity. What can I say? I love fashion, and I actually love her sophisticated manner. Plus, you gotta love that mane.

3.Who is your favorite background character( this is anypony other than the main 6.  ie not Twilight, Fluttershy...)?
-Dizzy Twister without a doubt. I've always liked the way she looked. From the style of her mane and tail, to the colors.

4.Who would you follow Celestia or Luna?
-I'd probably have to say Luna. I am a creature of the night. Although, that doesn't mean I don't like Celestia.

5.What would you tell someone who hasn't watched the show?
-Watch the show.

6.What are your influences?
-Probably anime to begin with. I was stuck on it for a long time after all. Another would have to be fashion. I seem to always want to put those little ponies in clothes. It does inspired me a lot.

7.If you had one quote (from anything) that has really had an impact on you/ just a saying you really liked, what would it be?
-"If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn't thinking." - George Patton

8.What is the best pony site you know?(Hint Hint, remember your doing this thing for Obsession Is Magic, but I do encourage you to be truthful.)
-Obsession Is Magic!
Even though I've never heard of the site.
(break in interview - Finally, someone got the right answer.  I think I have a star sticker to gie you around her somewhere.)

9.Just a little about yourself.  This is open eneded so you tell us anything you want to tell.
-I have a cat who likes to steal my pillow, or my pants when I'm in the shower.

And that was this weeks Hall of Pony!  BambooDog, we here at Obsession Is Magic support you and your beautiful art.

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  1. After he mentioned Dizzy Twister, I kept noticing her in this week's episode. I really like her mane!