Jan 10, 2012

About that live action Star Wars show

So there's a live action Star Wars series in the works.  They've already got 50 scripts and now are just "waiting for a point where technology advanced enough to make making the show cost effective."  They have also revealed the shows name, Star Wars: Underworld.  Seeing as how this is Star Wars, shouldn't it be Underworlds.  You know, since there is more than one world.  It's time period is between episodes III and IV.  Whether your excited for this, or hope it never comes about, I have a feeling it'll still be a long, long time before we get a taste of Underworld.


  1. I'm sure I'll give this a shot if and when it comes out. Why place judgment when I barely know anything about it yet? Then again, I'm one of those crazy people who thoroughly enjoyed the Star Wars prequel trilogy, lol.

  2. You mean it's safe to admit that? We'll if you can do it, co can I.

    Yes, I like the prequels.

    Wow, that such a load of my chest.