Dec 31, 2011

Veggie55 Hall of Pony

You guessed it!  Hall of Pony time.  This week we have Veggie55.

1.When/how did you discover MLP:FIM?
-Back sometime around April 2011, a friend of mine, known as Tapani, had shared some image-macros of various pony characters with me, saying that it was the greatest thing in a long time. Like the typical person, I chose to reject FiM, saying it was (The typical) for little girls and weirdos, that he shouldn't be watching it. But after about a month of hating I finally decided to try the show, and ended up watching the first episode, realizing that it was indeed worth of my time. I lived in a state of denial for a while, until I eventually submitted my first ever DeviantArt image, a quick drawing of Rainbow Dash.  I remember saying that it was a once off thing, saying that I'd never draw ponies again, how wrong I was. I have more fun doing FiM artwork and now, as you can probably see, it's all I do on DeviantArt :P

2.Who is your favorite main cast character and why?
-I'm going with the typical fan-boy Rainbow Dash.
Well because she reminds me of, well, me. I can be arrogant and cocky at many times but I know I too can be loyal and even sometimes helpful.
Although it's mainly because she's the most fun to draw (:

3.Who is your favorite background character( this is anypony other than the main 6.  ie not Twilight, Fluttershy...)?
-Hmm... I guess I'm going to go with Ditzy Doo on this one.
Well because...uh... I don't know really, I guess with the lack of an official personality (As of 07/12/11 that is) she's a very open-ended character, and you can put her in any situation you wish!
Giving her Thu'ums for example :3

4.Who would you follow Celestia or Luna?
-Luna. Her voice reminds me of mine ;)

5.What would you tell someone who hasn't watched the show?
-Well I wouldn't force them to view it, not everyone can like something, but I would argue that they should at least try it, I mean look at me, I hated it, now I'm a full-time pony-artist pretty much!
(But here in Ireland, where it's not even aired, people have VERY closed-minds, so some arguments aren't even worth trying.)

6.What are your influences?
-Well one of the first fan-art FiM pictures I ever found was by, the already well-known, JohnJoseco.  I'll Take You Along For A Ride.  It was this that made me start, I wanted to see what ideas I could come up with :)

But as for influences, they can really come from ANYWHERE with me. I mean a lot of the time it could be an episode, a piece of music, another picture or even, in the latest case, a comment! ("Hooves Down"  Was based off a comment in one of my polls on my page :p)
So yeah, anywhere, that's where my inspiration emerges :3

7.If you had one quote (from anything) that has really had an impact on you/ just a saying you really liked, what would it be?
-It would have to be the one by Walt Disney.
"You're dead if you aim only for kids. Adults are only kids grown up, anyway. "
Truer words have not been spoken.

8.What is the best pony site you know?
-Being honest, the ones I visit most often are Equestria Daily and Ponibooru, but I have been to OiM a few times, and happy to see the stuff up there :)

9.Just a little about yourself.

Well, I'm only 17 years old, still in school, living a double life as a pony-artist without my families' knowledge (Though it's hard to explain when I receive money in the post for inconspicuous reasons)
I'm a a huge fan of music, I spend a lot of my time playing guitar,bass,drums and piano as well as drawing stuff (:

Uhm... what else?
Well I guess I should mention that I'm also your average PC gamer, and since I've gained recognition, my Steam has been suffering for it D:

And I guess I should go do homework or something.
Pfft, screw it, I'll just draw some more comics!

And there you have it.  Veggie55 we here at Obsession Is Magic support you and wish you continued success with your comics.

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