Dec 10, 2011

Skyrim Review

That word sends chills down the spines of all gamers. It is currently the biggest RPG out right now, and is one of the biggest games of this year. Most of you probably already have this game or you might just be getting it for Christmas, either way you've probably gotten this game or will be getting, and if you don't fit into either of these categorizes... I feel so sorry for you.

So what is it about Skyrim that is so Awesome? Well to start off with I'll talk about Skyrim itself.
I bought the collector's edition of Skyrim which came with a about an hour long documentary on the making of Skyrim, and one of the things i heard several times is that at Bethesda studios their main character is the world. The area of Skyrim is a massive mountain filled country that is absolutely beautiful. It is filled with absolutely gorgeous scenery, interesting places, and hours of game play. Skyrim stands as a true gem that you can truly lose yourself in just by looking at it.
There are over three hundred hours of game play to found in Skyrim and over a hundred and fifty hand crafted dungeons. You can explore dark caves or high mountains, lush forests and snowy peaks. Skyrim truly feels alive and Bethesda truly achieved their goal: "Creating a world that doesn't really revolve around you. It was here before you, and will continue to exist long after you leave it."

The game play itself is a definite step up from oblivion. In stead of chosing what skills you want to specialize in at the beginning of the game, Skyrim will allow you to adapt to any specific play style you want. Whether you're cating fireballs while swinging a mace or shooting a bow while stealth across the room you're free to chose and free to change.
The leveling up system is a little bit different as well. All of your skills will aid in getting you to the next level. Upon leveling up you'll be able to increase your health, magica or stamina. Then you will earn one perk point to so spend to give yourself a new ability be it increasing your damage with one handed weapons or making it so you don't trigger pressure plates, the perks are your way of making your character you.
The combat of Skyrim is little shaky but a vast improvement from Oblivion. You may feel like your just swinging at air sometimes but kill cams and decapitations are a nice step up.

The people of Skyrim are also much more alive. Instead of the world freezing around you while you zoom in two inches to their face. A blacksmith will continue to work as he speaks and a wood cutter won't stop his duties just share a casual hello. 
Skyrim is full of people each have different personalities and allegiances. I found that there were certain characters i cared about and others i hated. Sometimes i actually had to kill or betray characters i liked which gave the game a entirely different feel than games in which i just don't care.

You'll spend a lot of time doing a lot of stuff in Skyrim and by the time your done you'll have collected titles such as Harbinger, Listener, Arch-Mage, Guild-Master and of course Dragon-Born. (As well as several others i can't mention due to spoilers) In these quest you'll be given several options as to how to complete them. One of the joys is that there really is no black and white in Skyrim, only shades of grey. There is no right and wrong answer to many of the problems but rather the games allows you to decide just what falls on which side of the morale compass.

Skyrim stands as a new par for RPG's. It is an incredibly immerse world that sucks you end and makes you lose all your friends because you just can't put it down. While it may have some glitches Skyrim stands as a pinnacle of Rpg's while it has a few glitches in ti Skyrim is nothing short of amazing and by the way it's got Dragons, can't forget them.


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  1. I must confess to being...dubious about Skyrim. I hated my brief time with Oblivion but I loved Fallout. New Vegas was a disappointment due to its game-breaking bugs. But my friend Laura's anticipation for the game bolstered my own enthusiasm. When it was released, we showed up together and I bowed to peer pressure and bought it myself.

    And now I can safely say it's one of the greatest experiences in all my years of playing video games. How long has it been since release? A month or more? And I'm STILL playing it, still not even close to the end of the main story. I've been taking my time, drifting on the winds and enjoying the heck out of whatever adventures cross my path.

    I've teamed up with Giants, fortresses of my own enemies, and even wildlife to take down dragons. I spent a brief time as a thief, robbing the rich blind, and then as an assassin, dropping a gargoyle on a woman on her wedding day. My female elf married another woman and we have a beautiful manor in Solitude. And now I ride through the countryside on my red-eyed demon horse, helping people with troubles large and small.

    It's an incredible game and I smile knowing there's so much more to go!

    I loved Bioware and I loved Dragon Age and tolerated Dragon Age 2. But it's going to be hard to justify things like re-using environments, artificial boundaries, and copy-pasta mission structures in an RPG world post-Skyrim.