Dec 24, 2011

Pony Pics 48

(Appears out of a puff of smoke)  I was able to make it, so have this quick Pony Pics before I go again!  Merry Christmas! (Dissappears in another puff of smoke.)

At least she's not talking about apples.

I was going to make a penis and ball joke about Lyra's horn, but that wouldn't be in the Christmas spirit, now would it?

I wish I could get a pony for Christmas, I'd probably break its spine trying to ride it, but it would be fun up until that point.

I want a show called My Little Monkeys.  I would watch the hang out of it.

Ugh,  Infinite is still so far away!

This makes me want to have children for some reason, God help them if I ever do have children.

Dusty fun fact - I had two dolls I loved as a child.  One was a small purple puppy that I called (wait for it)  Purple Puppy.  If I'm not mistaken, I accidently threw him out the window going to the interstate.  The other was, I kid you not, a Teletubby La La doll.  You squeezed it and she would giggle and say stuff like La La loves you.  I loved that La La.  I think I even still have it in the attic somewhere.

 I'm getting weird signals from this pic, and there making me feel uncomfortable.
Rooster Cogburn from Tru Grit crossed over with Applejack.  (Sheds single manly tear of joy)  This is so... I need a minute alone.

I'd read that.

Kind of grimdark after this point.

Iopichio makes everything beautiful.  Really love this artist.

Artist - Unkown
From Rainbow Factory, in case you were wondering.


  1. I like Rainbow Factory better than Cupcakes. Also, somewhere in my garage I have the exact same Teletubby doll. How come we haven't met each other before?!

  2. took me a second to realize the second-to-last one was Cupcakes