Dec 5, 2011

Pony Pics 46

Apparently this mare's getting a lot of attention and that means a lot of names.  The most prominent is Fleur-de-lis, but a friend asked me to support Claire Fleur, so that's the one I'm throwing my weight behind.  If I had to come up with my own name, it'd probably be "that hot pony with the strange design that sort of reminds me of Celestia but she's probably just a gold digger hanging around with Fancy Pants all the time" pony, but that's a wee bit wordy.

Me -Those Honey Nut Cherrios commercials aren't so funny now, are they?
Celestia - They were never funny to begin with.
Me - Way to kill the joke.
Celestia - It has to be funny to be a joke.
Magical floating shades?  Only the coolest for Rainbow Dash.

I have to say I really love Art Critic Rarity's mane.
Was it just me, or did that song get stuck in your head all day?

That is the coolest chicken I've ever seen....and I'm not talking about Scootaloo.  He's just sitting there, like a bawss.

Just two ponies (wait for it) burning the midnight oil!  Ha! Ha!  I'm just so witty it hurts.

Zecora's more rounded than I remember. 

And then Applejack sacrificed herself to try and save her hat. 

Did you A. See a heartwarmingly cute scene about little blob ponies
or B see Pinkie Pie raping Pinkamina.
If you said B, congratulations, your as twisted and perverted as me.  Your mom will be so proud.

Not positive what's going on... but I like it!

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