Dec 31, 2011

Ask Pony - Ask Pyroshy

This weeks must see Ask Pony site is Ask Pyroshy.

Fluttershy is now a human, and in a mental facility, and is a fire bug.

Why is this a must see.
-I'll be straight up with you, this one isn't cute/funny like the others have been, but there's just something about it.
-Art design is very good and seeing the ponies as humans is a nice change of pace.
-Interesting concept for an ask blog, not a common stereotype for Fluttershy.
-This is one of those things where it's hard to say "why" you like it, it's just a good ask site.

1 comment:

  1. When this started up, I liked the art but it lacked in a lot of things. Just another Ask blog full of holes that leaves you wondering (but not really caring) about what's going on.
    Recently, there has been a change of pace that's turned that around into more of a web comic with a competent storyline and it's improved a lot. Well worth the read even if the earlier posts might be boring to sit through. I just chalk those up as an introduction of sorts and not really part of the whole plot.