Dec 21, 2011

The Adventures of Tin Tin Review

The classic story of a boy, his dog, and their drunken sailor best friend.

Tin Tin is a young reporter who actually tends to solve most of the stories he tries to report. At the beginning of the movie Tin Tin stumbles across a seemingly useless trinket: a small recreation of an old shipwrecked boat know as the unicorn. Upon purchasing this boat Tin Tin is told by a man (who wreaks of "I'm the bad guy of this story" mojo) that he will pay whatever Tin Tin wants for the boat. Of Course Tin Tin sells the boat for a billion dollars and retires the English coast line. Okay he doesn't sell and boat gets stolen but not before Tin Tin mistakenly takes out a clue to a hidden treasure lost to the sea when the ship went down a few hundred of years ago. Thus Tin Tin begins a quest to find the greatest sunken treasure in history.

The story of Tin Tin was actually quite good. Stephen Moffat (Doctor Who) did the screenplay. So yes the story was pretty good. Tin Tin's real problem was that it couldn't decide who its target audience was. One moment you've got sailors drinking themselves into drunken stupors, then the next your watching bad guys slip on banana peels like some 4 year old's cartoon. While there are some cool parts like a big pirate fight and a duel with cargo cranes as weapons for the most part the action and humor are very much for a younger demographic audience.
Aside from that nearly everything else in the movie is passable, the voice acting is good the animation is quite nice and the backround music while it doesn't inspire a scene to greatness it doesn't pop out taking away from a scene either.

The only other complaint i could give is that Tin Tin tends to talk to himself a lot but I can excuse that since he is a reporter, also some of the exclamations they make in this movie are just weird. When Tin Tin finds a clue and screams out "GREAT SNAKES" while he's sneaking around a ship i can only look perplexed and say "what?"

Aside from all this Tin Tin is an okay movie. If you have a family and some small children and you aren't afraid of them watching sailors drink themselves until they hallucinate and some actual gunfire then Tin Tin is probably a good movie for you to check out. Its not a movie I'd suggest going to with your adult circle of friends due to the fact you'll spend most of the time grimacing at the attempts at physical humor and all the times where "There's no way that could happen" including planes getting struck by lighting and belching into a gas tank to keep said plane flying. All in all family movie with a few more adult themes, mainly alcohol.


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