Nov 7, 2011

Pony Pics 42

Artist - pashapup
The epicness is astounding.  Also love the idea of horn = smoke stack, wonder where I've heard that before. (cough, Colossa from Blazing Glory, cough)

Artist - br0ny
The "what became of Smarty pants" train of thought keeps me up at night.

Artist - glancojusticar
It's so sparkly.

Artist - theartrix
I imageing Applejack brainwashing ponies by chanting "Apples, apples, apples,"
Skyrim is coming!  Skyrim is coming!

Artist - kloudmutt
A Sucker Punch crossover?  And I keep telling myself I won't let this fandom surprise me.

Artist - bamboodog
I imagein Rarity would have a field day styleing that.

Artist - dreatos
This is unrealistic.  Celestia never does anything.  She always makes others do her dirty work.

Artist - foxinshadow
I feel that if I stare at this, it stares back.  It's kind of creepy.

Artist - johnjoseco
Of JohnJoseco why do you have to be such a cold heartless bastard.  Your art is awesome, but I'll never forgie you for what you did to me.

Artist - ss2sonic
That one lock of hair sticking staright up on Twilight's head is really distracting.

Artist - yiuokami
That throne doesn't look like it has good back support.

Artist - csimadmax
Oh Spike, we can be creepy together.

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  1. on the eleventh pic look on the corner of the book in the bottom left