Nov 16, 2011

Immortals Review

I know I'm a little late with this one but with Skyrim and ACR I just haven't had time. Oh well better late than never!
Is it 300? Is it Clash of the Titans? Or is it something else?
Greek Mythology. Some of the oldest collection of stories in history. These tales involve great men doing great things. The men of these of stories sought glory in hopes that thier deeds would mark thier place in history and make them immortal. Thus does this film get its title.
King Hyperion (Micky Rourke) is enraged with the gods, so much that he wishes to find the Epirus Bow and unleash the titans to destroy the gods. Enter Theseus (Henry Cavill), a bastard peasant with nary a thing to his name but his honor and some awesome fighting skills. When Hyperion breaks the first rule of being a movie villain (pissing off the hero by killing his mother) Theseus begins a quest of vengeance against Hyperion, oh I guess he'll save the world from a celestial war too.
As far as quantity of action Immortals is no 300. The quality of the action is tremendous. Theseus cuts swaths through Hyperion's forces with spear, sword and shield. However the really violent parts are when the gods the show up. Anytime you see a god come down you know somebody is gonna be torn apart.
The story is a classic one and the acting is actually pretty good despite what you may think. However it is Micky Rourke that steals the shows. His role as Hyperion, a man who lost his whole family because the gods ignored his cry for help, is incredible. Rourke is able portray fury, hatred, sadness and loss all at once. It is a true spectacle to watch him pour oil onto a priest and set the man on fire all the while talking in that deep menacing voice of his. Hyperion does some seriously terrible evil things in this movie (and that's saying a lot coming from me) yet somehow I can't help but feel sorry for him.

It should be said that if your a fan of Greek mythology you may be disappointed in this movie. It really doesn't follow anything close to the original tales but I can personally look past this. If you cling the original tales of mythology you may be a bit upset with movie.

While the movie can slow time at times the acting and characters are enough to hold your interest making the entire movie enjoyable and worth watching. For those of you who think the costumes are made of plastic the other outfits are quite nice and really seem to fit the time and era. 
I would indeed recommend Immortals for anyone who enjoys good action and great villains. While I did not walk out of theater looking to punch someone in the face because i was so hyped up I walked out in quiet awe marveling at the what i got: A deep movie with great acting and some great acting instead of a bloody gore-fest with no story.


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