Oct 9, 2011

Real Steel Review

Real Steel: The retelling of the classic story of a man, his son, and thier 10 foot-tall fighting robot.

Hugh Jackman plays Charlie Kenton an ex boxer who found himself out of a job when the sport was taken over by fighting robots. Now Charlie is just a small time robot fighter struggling to get by. When he discovers that his ex girlfriend has died and left his son, Max Kenton (Dakota Goyo), without a guardian, Charlie takes the opportunity to take advantage of the situation and, literally, sells his son to Max's wealthy Aunt and Uncle. All Charlie has to do is spend one summer with the son he abandoned at birth. (no problems there) However when Charlie and Max discover a common bond between Atom, an old robot they dig up in a scrapyard, they might find they don't hate each other so much.

How was Real Steel as a whole?
Real Steel is very cliche. Its the whole "I don't like you, you don't like me, but we find something we have in common, go to beat all the odds, and in the end we are father and son." However if you look you'll see that there are no new stories only re-tellings of old ones. I did enjoy Real Steel. A good amount of fighting, great music, and Hugh Jackman did a great job.

How much fighting was in Real Steel?
In total, there are 5 fights spread throughout the movie, as well as one montage. The first fight is within the first 10 minutes, and the last is the championship bout that ends the movie.

How was the fighting?
Of course the fighting was the best part. The last 2 were the best ones which looked more like organized boxing instead of just a brawl. I will say the last fight was great. When it was over i wanted to stand up and cheer. Everything went together: the music the sound effects the acting, it all flowed spectacularly and i would have paid just to see that last fight.

Where and When does Real Steel take place?
Real Steel is in America, they go across the country doing different fights so it's not in one location. As far as when it does not say. Its not to far off they make mention of a famous fight taking place in the year 2016, so somewhere in the not far future.

Overall I give real Steel an 8. I give it points for a good amount of fighting, great acting (and not just Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo did a good job to) and a good soundtrack. The robots look real and flowed smoothly. Loses points for being a tad bit cliche and telling us a story that we've all heard before.

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