Oct 30, 2011

In Time Review

Is this movie worth your time?

Somewhere in the far off future, or not so far off future, doesn't it really say, humans have been genetically altered to stop aging at 25. Upon reaching this age a human’s clock begins. You're given a one year of time and are free to do with what you want it. The rich can effectively mass thousands of years and live forever, while those stuck in the ghettos such as Will Salas (voiced by Justin Timberlake) tend to wake up with less than 24 hours on their arm.

Will Salas lives with his mother (Olivia Wilde, makes sense right) in one of the ghetto time zones. Prices are going up, pay is going down, and the death toll follow suit. One day, in a bar collecting debts, Will comes across a man with 116 years glowing on his left forearm. After saving the man who has more time than he knows would do with Will is informed of the terrifying secret, there's more than enough time to go around. The man then proceeds to give Will all of his years. Will then sets out on a quest to correct the corrupt system. He moves to a different time zone, falls in love with a girl, becomes chase by timekeepers (police in this movie) and becomes a futuristic Robin Hood, all in the hopes of giving people just a few more minutes to live.

The first thing that should be said about In Time is that it does something that we rarely see now a days: introduces something new. The concept of wearing the amount of time that you have in your life on your arm, and it being your actual currency, is fairly interesting. It is in this area that In Time succeeds, and also fails, the most at. Not once are we told how exactly humans have been genetically engineered to live only for a certain amount of time, or why anyone would think this is a good idea. There are several holes that appear throughout the entirety of the story (such as Will being able to avoid cops and head on traffic despite the fact that he has never driven before). However there are other concepts that are explained that indeed make the movie shine. For instance upon moving to a new time zone Will is very easily spotted due to the fact that he runs ,which is in fact one of the ways of the timekeepers are able to find him so easily, as well Will eats quickly. This basically shows that those in the more wealthy time zones have more than enough time and therefore are in no rush to do things while those in the ghettos are always in a hurry. Small little pieces like this really stick out to me and make me feel like they went the extra mile in explaining things, still it doesn't really compensate enough for the things that they don't explain.

The movie had some okay action. Although it feels like they tried to make Justin Timberlake into Jason Statham. To start out with, he's just some guy from the ghetto, however he quickly escalates into someone who is able to rob banks effectively, shoot three guys before they can blink, take down 5 cops with nary breaking a sweat, and someone who is just an absolute and overall badass. This change felt too rapid for me.

The acting was okay, it didn't really stand out to me. A few times it just felt weak, but there were times that the actors really made me feel for them. In one instance Amanda Seyfried (voiced by Sylvia Weis) talks about when her clock first started. She looks into the mirror and realizes that this is the way she's going to look for the rest of her life. This really stuck out with me, because it felt like this is something that is unique to this world and this is how people deal with it.

Overall, In Time is not a bad movie, in fact had they explained several things and polished on a few parts of the acting, In Time could've been a great movie. Ultimately the movie leaves you with a big moral of "don't waste your time." Is it something that demands to be seen? No. Is it something that is worth going spending your money on? Yes. 


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