Sep 15, 2011

Pony Pics 34

Artist - bamboodog
Shouldn't Rarity just be licking herself?

Here's some visual pony goodness.

Yeah, I let my mind run rampant with what the message was supposed to be.  What I came up with was that Celestia was telling Twilight to get back because I'm royalty and your a filthy peasant.  But in reality the artist was poking fun at the talking Celestia toy and how it says lots of weird random stuff.

Artist - crookedtrees
Where's the power for the lights coming from? 

 Artist - egophiliac

 Artist - mixermike622
Discord travels back in time, clones Nightmare Moon, brings her to the future, they have wacky misadventure while trying to conquer Equestria.  This would be the greatest thing ever.
Artist - pashapup 
The artist has several more of these if you want to check them out, this was my favorite.

Artist - pixelkitties
I hope we see Derpy in a more prominent role in season 2, like one where she actually has a line.  (other than muffins)

artist - megasweet
There's several different versions of this where Luna is trying on different clothes, but I don't know of a web site where everything is posted.  So I'll just post them all below.

And there is one more.  I can't post it since we don't do porn here, but I'll provide you with the link.

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