Sep 19, 2011

Here's our fist real video in a long, long time.  After reading a lot of the comments I think that we have vastly improved.  

MLP FIM S2 E1 The Return of Harmony - Obsession Is Magic Review

In case anyone was wondering, I wear my watch on my right hand.  This leads people to ask me if I'm left handed.  I am in fact right handed, I just like wearing my watch on my right hand.  Now that I've given you some useless information that no one cares about I'm off to work on Hall of Pony.

1 comment:

  1. You guys are dedicated to the cause! I loved this video and I was nodding along the whole way through! Where the heck is Luna? I suppose they're stretching out her debut to build tension, but COME ON!

    Also...sends her sister to the moon but imprisons Discord in a beautiful garden? Worst sister EVER!

    This episode really did have an epic feel! The animation was gorgeous, the danger was big, and the set-pieces were spectacular! All in all, a truly wonderful premier!

    Keep doing these videos! They're great!