Sep 25, 2011

Gears of War 3 Review

Epic Game's epic conclusion of the epic saga Gears of War ends epically.
Gears of War 3. The final chapter of a legendary saga. Two years have passed since the sinking of Jacinto. Delta squad is now out on the seas in the ship sovereign, the COG has fallen apart and the lambent are slowly corrupting the entirety of Sera. All seems lost but hope shines when Marcus receives a message from (guess who) his father. So how did Epic Games do in their final chapter?

Everything about Gears 3 is about finishing the saga mostly the story. In my opinion the story of Gears 3 was different than it's predecessors. In the first two installments of Gears it felt like you were fighting a war (which you were) but Gears 3 everything you did felt more like you were just trying to survive. At the beginning of the game you have to defend the ship your on from lambent attack then you'll flash back a few hours to where another group of gears are out trying to find supplies. It isn't until the middle of act 3 you find out what you're final objective is and where you need to go to do it. Overall Epic does a great job of getting across the point that you're just trying to get by. The world is dark and dreary and only by staying together will you be able to make it through.

One of the things that made people love the first gears was the amazing brutality of the game. That hasn't left the franchise and has only increased. Every weapon has it's own execution, lambent enemies explode when they die and ripping enemies apart has never felt better.
Combat moves differently in Gears 3. In Gears 2 you spent most of you're time hiding behind chest high walls (which were everywhere) but in gears 3 combat seems more chaotic. Enemies will move around a lot more and tend to lat down large amounts of suppressing fire.
In Gears 3 you'll always have 3 allies with you enabling 4 player combat. In Gears 2 you were a commander issuing out order to your squad. In Gears 3 you squad seems to think, move and fight on their own. Teammates offer suggestions and point things out to Marcus instead of just staying quiet and waiting for the next order.
Everything in gears of war earns experience which levels you up. With modes like horde, versus beast and a hundred levels, there are plenty of things to keep you busy. You can also earn things like new characters, weapon skins and mutators (the equivalent of a Halo 3 skull).
Gears of War 3 features it's 4 difficulties which range from casual (tiptoeing through the tulips you grew with the mangled remains of your enemies) to insane (having your arm fall off when a locust shoulder taps you on the shoulder asking for directions). So weather you want a true challenge or you want to feel god with a gun Gears 3 can provide.

Gears of War sums up to be a great game. (ha you thought i was going say epic didn't you). However i feel that i should say that Gears 3 is the beginning of an end in gaming. With games such as Modern Warfare, Assassins Creed and Mass Effect reaching their conclusions Gears makes us look to the future of games and search for new sagas and worlds to immerse ourselves in. However if games can pull of the great action and cinematic feel of Gears than we should be ok.
Gears 3 is now the standard of 3rd person action shooters (in my mind at least). Though there are a few things Gears fall short in (mainly in explaining a few questions) there is nothing I would change and therefore give this truly epic game a 10. Well Done!

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