Sep 28, 2011

Ask Princess Molestia

I personally love the whole Molestia thing.  This ask site just started so nows a good time to check it out.

Also, do you remember yesterday when I ranted about artists not posting stuff in one spot and I specifically mentioned johnjoseco.  Look at the signature for the above picture.

Also now I've got another mini rant that I put off.  I hate Tumbler sites.  If you save a picture off of a Tumbler then the file name is going to be some weird tumblr_ls7c78BhpX1r3xauuo instead of a name that means anything.  I name all my files to have meaningful names: artist - name of picture/picture description.  Tumbler aggravates me to no end.

Also I kind of wanted to clarify why I didn't like mane vs main.  I sort of just went "don't do it" without much reasoning.  For things like "anypony" I can roll with because the characters from the show use it and people are just trying to emulate the characters.  Mane on the other hand is a different story.  If the characters in the show say mane they are referring to their hair, I am 100% positive that Twilight would never say "The mane character is..."  she would say "The main character..."  We are effectively ponifying words that the ponies themselves haven't even ponified.  If you ever loved Twilight Sparkle, don't slap her in the face by senselessly destroying language.  

Okay, no more ranting for a while.  Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye.

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