Aug 6, 2011

Rise of The Planet Of The Apes

Rise of the Planets of the Apes is a prequel to the original Planet of the Apes, not the Tim Burton remake.

If you've seen the trailer, then you've pretty much seen the movie. This is not an exaggeration. Every single thing that happened in the movie I had already seen in the trailer, just a more condensed version. There were only two important things that happened that weren't in the trailer and both of those come at the end and aren't central to the main story line.

Even though I already new everything that would happen, it was still an enjoyable watch. The main protagonist is Ceaser the ape. The movie basically plays like this: Ceaser growing up, Ceaser in monkey prison, Ceaser goes bananas. There are touching moments and there are cool actions scenes along the way.

It really makes you feel for the apes in this movie. It shows the whole, locked in cages and mistreated deal. It also has Ceaser having a good dose of humanity. Instead of being a killing machine he incapacitates humans instead of killing them, or at least he tries to.

Overall I really enjoyed this movie. It had emotional weight, action, and a good story line. I would have liked it better if I hadn't seen the trailer for it first, that's the biggest problem I have with this movie. Also if you're looking for an action filled movie, this isn't it. It only really has any action at the end.

Is it family friendly? There may be some stuff that is too scary for small children, but older kids will have no problem. There isn't a lot of language, no sex, and the violence is mostly apes hitting things.

When the credits start, DO NOT LEAVE. Give it a minute then a long scene will start, this is one of the things that wasn't in the trailer and is the real reason the apes take over the world.

The Lord of Dust – 8

Now lets try something new. I'm going to try to answer some questions people might have after the page break. Spoilers ahead!

So, how was the acting?
I believed they were apes.

Were the special effects good?
See above answer.

How do they become so smart?
Alzheimer medicine.

So to become a super smart ape all they need is that medicine? Most do, but not all. There was this one Orangutang who was having conversations (subtitled conversations) with Ceaser before he (the Orangutang) had received any of the medicine.

Is Ceaser a bad ass leader who kills all who stand against him?
Yes and no. He is a pretty bad ass ape, but he doesn't kill people or apes...usually.

Why did the apes rampage through town?
….why wouldn't they?

That didn't answer my question.
...because it was cool.

Whatever. What is Ceaser's ultimate goal? To take over the world right?
He just want's to go frolic in the forest.

Are you kidding me?
No. The whole battle across the bridge thing. It was just so they could get to the forest and climb trees.

If that's the case, does the Planet of the Apes actually rise?
No, it doesn’t show them taking over the world, just some trees. In fact the movies ends with them just sitting in some trees. Then after a few seconds of credits another scene pops up. Turns out the “medicine” that made the apes so smart kills humans, and it's contagious, and the man who has been contaminated is an aircraft pilot who travels the globe. So the Apes will essentially just be vultures and conquer whatever is left after the humans have died out.

That's kind of anti-climatic.
Yes. Yes it was.

If that was one of the two things what was the other?
Ceaser can talk.

Any chance of a sequel?
When is there not. I doubt it, but they could easily make another one. I'm hoping Ceaser forms a team and goes around and fights bad guys, in the vain of Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys or Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go.

So should I go see it?
If you like the trailer then go see it. If you're hoping for a lot more than what was in the trailer don't go see it. If you're a fan of apes go see it, if you're not don't go see it. Personally I'd say you should watch this movie, if not in theaters wait and rent it.

Did you steal this Q and A idea from another web site?
Topless Robot! I've never even heard of that site! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Why would you even bring something like that up? Everything on this blog is 100% original and nobody else is doing anything like it!

I never said Topless Robot.
Oh......get your hands off me you damn dirty human!


  1. Went to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes (or is it ROTPOTA?) this morning, and REALLY enjoyed it- much more than I expected to. There have been so many huge, over the top summer movies this year, and ROTPOTA was a well-acted slow burn slice of sci-fi goodness. Andy Serkis was brilliant, as per usual, in his role as Caesar.

    While the action didn't really ramp up until the end, I was unnerved throughout the whole film. I've read way too many horrible stories of chimp attacks at that point to see them as anything but godless killing machines...who happen to enjoy bananas and wearing small pants.

  2. I agree that while it wasn't action filled throughout, that didn't make it boring.

    I have a friend that didn't want to see the movie because he is afraid of apes, so you're not alone there.