Aug 5, 2011

Pony Pics 27

Well The Lord of Dust is actually letting me do a pony pics of my own let's hope i don't screw it up.

This makes me think she's going through muffin withdraw.

 What is Rainbow to good to be a tree. What makes her so special so that she gets to be a cloud.
 Fluttershy would never make fun of obesity.
 I think Rainbow just needs to learn to love and tolerate Twilight, and if rainbow doesn't enjoy the same things that Twilight does she shouldn't make fun of her for it.
 How is Lyra holding that teacup, i don't see her horn glowing so she's not using magic.
 'But Twilight why don't you shoot them with the big guns on the tank' you ask.
Well she obviously doesn't have any ammo. I mean really do you think Twilight is so silly that she wouldn't use the two massive cannons on the tank if she could.
 Fear the mighty Fluttershy for she is adorability incarnate
I bet Pinkie Pie knows where Rorschach's face is.

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