Aug 8, 2011

Pixelkitties Updates

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Pixelkitties art archive

P.S.  I haven't been leaving comments on the art archives and comics, mainly because I was trying to get more posted in less time, but now I'm going to start putting comments (gulps in fear)  on everything.  I am a glutton for punishment apparently.  I just want this blog to be more "human" and less "just post stuff."

Also this is the only thing you guys get today.  I'm sitting in a Burger King right now, I just wanted to come into town and see if i had gotten any more comments on my story...and I did...POSITIVE ONES!  I actually had some people saying good things about my story, not great things mind you, but good all the same.  I was even defended on my grammar, not that it was good, just not that bad.  I have been giving Galvin Starlight some flak about his grammar mistakes, and then this happened. (reap what you sow)

P.S.S  Pixelkitties is still awesome. I thought I would have scared her away by now, but she keeps on coming back for more.  (Laughs hysterically, giggling uncontrolably at the thought of someone visiting the blog more than once.  Stop when I realize everyone in Burger King is staring at me.  Decides I better get while the gettings good.)

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  1. Awwww, shucks you guys! Thanks for the amazing vote of confidence!

    Your story deserves each and every good, great, and excellent comment, and I look forward to the next chapters!