Aug 10, 2011

Just a post

It's me again, The Lord Of Dust.  I just want to say, to anybody that has been checking our blog for the last week and a half, that this coming Monday my next college semester will begin.  What this means is that I will finally be able to get on a high speed, stable, internet connection for as long as I want. (Praise Celestia for open computer labs.)  I've barely been able to do any posts lately, but I promise I will really try and do a lot next week.  I have lots of pictures and comics that I will post, I am going to really ramp up posting fanfictions (Galvin Starlight!  Get your ass moving and post some fanfictions!), and I have a couple of videos done that I'm going to post.  This Saturday I will try and have Blazing Glory Chapter 11 - Tower Of Flames posted, so be sure to look for here and on Equestria Daily

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