Aug 10, 2011

Command and Conquer Generals Pony Hour

Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour-Great Game
My Little Pony Friendship is Magic-Awesome Show
Put the two together and what do you get-The greatest thing you'll never play.
Below are the list of generals and my remarks about them.

I know what it takes to win a war: A PARTY!

Pinkie is personally my general of choice, since my preferred strategy is to sit in my base build like 7 super weapons and blow you up from across the map.
The only thing i can think to add would be giving Pinkie's troops exceptionally high morale. This is due to all the fun she gives her troops through parties or the fear she inspires by being able to break things like the fourth wall (or your legs)
 "But I thought you wanted stealth technology"

Rarity to me doesn't seem like the stealthy type I mean can you really call all that whining (i mean complaining) stealthy. I see her as a laser weapons specialist, given all the stuff she can do with those gems. She would probably have some awesome anti armor weaponry which would make her a natural rival of General Applejack

 "Bring in the heavy artillery that is...I mean....if that's ok with you"

As somepony who loves to blow you up from miles away I love Fluttershy as an artillery expert. I also think that all of her Infantry would have exceptionally greater health due to the great care that Fluttershy would show her troops.
"kick em up, kick em out, buck em up, and then blow em to hell!"

Tanks! Tanks are awesome. and they really fit Applejack's personality of just getting stuff done, and what better way to get things done than by sending an army of tanks to blow all you problems into ity-bity pieces Also Applejack should have a special commando/super tank named Big Macintosh. (what else would we call him/it)
 It's a bird it's a plane it's *massive explosive*
You were right on that second one but to be more accurate that was the Rainbow Dash Cloudsdale air-force...and they just blew the crap out of you.

Who better to lead the air-force than Equestria's fastest flyer. As such all units (ground included) should be able to move, train and deploy faster. Also there uniforms should be about 20 percent cooler than the enemies.
 "I am not an egghead I am well read, and for that insult, you die"
special weapons yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes.
As a result Twilight will probably have the best army (being Celestia's pupil does have it's perks) of course she will require more power and money but this is defiantly the general to chose if you like steamroller tactics
 Why does octavia get to be a general-because she's awesome.

Gotta love that sonic weaponry and the fact that Vinyl is a commando. What better way to deal with pesky infantry than by shouting them with sound waves until they bleed to death out of their ears.
Very effective against troops with high morale making her a natural rival for Pinkie Pie.
It's the gala all over again.
Maybe not the greatest and most powerful general but defiantly a good choice if you love subterfuge and espionage.

Relies on abilities a great deal, doesn't need to much money to make an army since she can simply turn the minds of the weaker soldier's
Due to this her solders are probably highly trained and very intelligent perhaps smarter than Twilight's soldiers making Twilight and Trixie natural rivals.


  1. holy crap. if this was real, i would replace c&c shockwave in a heartbeat o.O

  2. my personal peferance would be twilght sparkle or rainbow dash becasue dash has the best air power and as the old saying goes "if we loose the war in the air we loose the war and we loose it quickly." but twiglht is a all rounder so eather one would do for me

  3. Please make this game

  4. wanna have. wanna have! Wanna Have. Wanna Have! WANNA HAVE! !!!WANNA HAVE!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WANNA HHHAAAAAAAVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Awwww, Pinkie no air units? Then where does the Kirov Partyship come in? Oh well, I guess Red alert could use a remake too then.

    Ps. I didn't come here to force my drawing on anyone, but I got a strong incentive to share from someone :D

  6. Make this a downloadable game. Plz? I love the C&C series but I only have the orgional and Tyberium Wars. Listen- give me inf. downloads like minecraft, and I will send you $20. Plz make dis a gamez!

  7. Following changes deffinitely needs to occur: Rarity's gems, does make her more Laser Weapon orientated, as those gems will intensify lasers. Pinkie Pie needs to become a stealth general, as her favorite kind of party, is a surprise party...

  8. oh and Trixie needs to lose the mind control ability. Her advantage should lie in tricking her opponents, not controlling her opponents.

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    Command & Conquer