Jul 28, 2011

Pony Pics 24

This picture is awesome/freaky at the same time. 
1. Those ears are sending shivers down my spine, and why is Rainbow Dashes so different?
2.  Take a look at Rarity's face.  It's supposed to be a shadow on her forehead, but it looks like she has a gaping hole in her head.  It's the same color ( or close to it ) as the background, and what happened to her other ear.  It just really affects me whenever I look at that Rarity.  

Sorry Octavia, Lyra is still my favorite musical pony.

If I had a cigarette holder/stick/thing (I don't smoke) like that I wouldn't be able to restraint myself from running around and pretending like I had a magic wand.   

Lyra and Bon Bon.  I hope beyond all hope that they become foreground characters in season 2.  And if they aren't "close friends" then I'm gonna be crushed.

She does make a tasty looking cupcake. 

Then Rarity hurried off so she wouldn't be late to the monthly Klan rally. 

<insert a Twilight was seeing starts joke here>

Marshmellows, who doesn't love them?

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  1. Wouldn't Rarity eating marshmallows be cannabalism?