Jul 20, 2011

Pony Pics 19

Ponies are so interesting.

You don't mess with the Doctor

It's funny that Rainbow Dash is the one being compared to Spongebob.  I seem to remember certain sexual allegations being thrown at both of them.  Hmmm.

Two problems, get that sea serpent out and Twilight Sparkle in.

The power overwhelmed Twilight, causing her to explode and then explode again.

Never turn your back on a pony.

 Just send Big Mac outside to distract her.  It's not that hard a problem.

The seedier parts of ponyville.


  1. Rarity as Misa and Pinkie as Mello.

  2. Okay, with the doctor faking a celestia, that celestia was also fake... she didn't have wings... :O