Jul 19, 2011

Pony Pics 17

 I've had visions of Galvin Starlight becoming more popular than me.  Then he'll convince you guys the blog would be better without me.  I'll make some mark about "you'll never defeat me."  He'll say "The student has surpassed the teacher."  I'll do a Rarity laugh, just because I'm addicted to doing it. Then he will lead a revolution against me.  It will conclude with him taking full control of the blog and me being sad and alone, drawing little stick ponies.  
Anyway, I got all that out of this picture.  I'm Lyra and Galvin's Bon Bon.If you'll excuse me, I think I better start "reconsidering" this partnership.

This picture is beautiful. 

It's a colored version of our old pas Krastos.

Is a man not entitled to watch My Little Pony.
No says the man in Washington, "He should watch the President's address"
No says the man in Vatican, "He should watch Veggie Tales."
No says the man in Moscow, "In Soviet Russia, Ponies watch you." 

 Big Mac "Soon my pet, you will love me."

 It looks like Pokey Pierce....
*puts on sunglasses
burst Twilight's bubble

I have to aggree.  When this happened I thought that it was a really messed up thing for Celestia to do.  She's the guest of honor and she goes and spills tea everywhere.  Not cool.

I can actually see a season plot thread for Doctor Who.  Wherever he goes there's something connecting to Rainbow Dash's sonicrainboom. 

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