Jul 14, 2011

Pony Pics 15

My only weakness is ponies. 

 She's got fingers, but here feet are still hooves.  Shouldn't she have some
toes or something.  Just saying.

I think Twilight would be ecstatic to be in such close proximity with Celestia.  Also Jake 
could have just morphed into a giant couch or something that would be much more
comfortable than Finn or Twilight could ever be.  Come on, how much back support
is princess Bubblegum really getting there.

I'll just go with what the pic was named.
"This is for Yoshi!" 

 That M-16 is pretty sweet.

 The wind is strong enough to blow a building away, but not that flower in her hair.
Cartoon logic, what ya gonna do?

 If you can hear someone's eyes burning, I think their beyond the point of no return.

I can see fanfiction based of this.  Spike finds Rarity's phone.  See's the pictures.  Goes insane with fury.
Calls out Big Mac.  They have epic duel.  Both are mortally wounded.  Rarity tells them
she's actually in love with Fluttershy.  Spike and Big Mac vow revenge on the
pony who forced them to kill each other.  They die and come back as zombies
and go cupcakes on Rarity.  The end. 

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