Jul 13, 2011

Pony Pics 14

Every time I look at this pic I do Rarity's Wuhahahaha.
It's sort of like a reflex, I can't not do it.

Click to enlarge.
I know we've seen the whole tough guy likeing My Little Pony thing numerous times,
but it's still funny everytime. 

More Panty and Stocking stuff.  This pic aggravates me because Stocking's wings are white
while her body is purple.  

Now here we go! This more than makes up for the lackluster Panty and Stocking.

That wasn't part of Rainbow Dash's elements of a good cheer.

 Twilight's got a sick mind.  Rainbow Dash was only wondering what was in the poke'ball.

 That answers my previous question about the poke'ball.

Where's your brony pride?

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  1. My childhood flashed before my eyes several times looking at these.