Jul 12, 2011

Pony Pics 12

 I promise this is the only Cupcakes pic in this set, don't worry.

 What is about to kill Twilight in this picture?
Hint and answer under next pic. 

Still haven't guessed it?
It was the weeping angel in the corner.  Come on, anyone with a working
Doctor Who knowledge could have gotten that.  
The Doctor is disappointed in you.

That's something they should work on in the next season.  
.......making sure there aren't duplicate ponies in the background.....
that's what I meant.....stop looking at me like that!

This isn't Cupcakes related, but it does fit in nicely.

Spike won't have to put books up anymore.
In case you didn't know this was based off the ending of a Twilight
Zone episode.

What a twist!

My Little Red Dead Redemption

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