Jul 13, 2011

F@ck these people

This is kinda old but I wanted to post it anyway.
This is RedEye on Bronies
F@ck these people, except for the main guy and the first speaker.
I can almost guarantee non of them have watched the show and then they go and say that 
we are: on the same level as terrorists, stupid, ridiculous, and that people who
watch My Little Pony also are strung out druggies.  
And to that woman. "Yes, yes you should see what all the fuss is about."

And here's another even sicker look at bronies.  It comes up at just before 2 minutes.
Are you f@cking kidding me.  Bronies = a disturbing trend where adult men
stay home from work, file for disability checks, and watch My Little Pony.
Then he says this. "And we wonder why things are going the way they are
in out country.  Why can't Canada just go ahead and take us over."
He just said that America has gone to pot because of My Little Pony, which just started
last October.  It is a show that teaches friendship, accepting others, love and freaking
kindness.  It's people like this that are ruining our country, people that are so 
ignorant and stupid that it's sad.

After watching these this was my reaction.

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