Jul 30, 2011

Cowboys and Aliens Review

Review by Galvin Starlight
One would think with actors like Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde and with director Jon Favreau (the director of Iron Man) you'd get a pretty good movie. And you'd be right.

Cowboys and Aliens is the story of Jake Lonergan (Daniel Craig) who wakes up in the middle of the dessert and has no idea who he is or what that strange metal thing around his wrist is. When aliens attack the the town that Jake has wandered into to and take several people captive, Jake heads after the invaders to get back the people that were taken, as well as his memories.
I really did enjoy this movie. It wasn't utterly amazing but it was a good watch. Good action and sound effects emerge through out the entire movie, as well as an original (if not somewhat strange) reason for the aliens to be on earth.
Soundtrack was good nice epic music as the cowboys ride their horses over the open territory and special effects look great (A big score since there are aliens and enough explosions to rival a Micheal Bay film.)
As well, the acting in this movie was good to. I remember one scene where Harrison Ford explains where he got a knife, that was really dark and believable.
Overall i would recomend seeing this movie. It's not a must see but it was entertaining i don't regret seeing it at all.
The Lord of Dust-7
Galvin Starlight-7.5

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  1. This weekend I had a difficult choice to make- Cowboys and Aliens or Captain America. I try to avoid being a slave to the critical masses, but I went with Rotten Tomatoes and chose two-fisted WW2 action over two-gun laser western action. I think I made the right choice as Captain America was quite good and, more importantly, highly entertaining.

    Still, I'm curious about C&A, though I suspect not so curious I can't wait for BluRay.