Jun 28, 2011

Pony Pics 6

If you hold the pencil in your mouth, when you go to erase
doesn't that get spit all over your paper?

What is it with these ponies and messing up each others hair?

Just after I posted the Bill Clinton thing I found this.  He would be
a much better villain than Nightmare Moon ever was.

If your Japanese it is physically impossible for you to not like this.

I never understood Voltorb.  His whole premise is that
he self destructs.  It doesn't matter if you win the battle
 if you went and killed yourself in order to do it.

Seeing as how she's god.  I don't think they have any choice
but to deal with it. 

Let's stick with the Presidential theme today. 

What about if Kratos had just wanted waffles?

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  1. Dust's right, it is impossible for me to turn away from that pic.