Jun 27, 2011

Pony Pics 5

Just because I love you guys, I do another Pony Pics.
I was going to link to some fan fiction, but Google docs is really 
buggy today.

Kind of like this blog.
Oh snap!

Why does Celestia have a bowl on her head?

This image really confuses me, but the taste like raisin comment
gives me an opportunity to link to this.  Link

I feel ya Rarity.  I've been there and done that more
times than I can shake a horn at.

Dear Visceral Games:
In Dead Space 3 please add more ponies and less
 mutated exploding babies.

It was then Octavia realized her dream was to play at the 
Grand Galloping Gala, if only she could have foreseen what a 
snafu that turned out to be.

Silly Lyra always sitting like a human.  Why doesn't Bon Bon take her to a 
mental clinic or something.  If my best friend started acting like a pony
I'd probably post it on Youtube, but that's beside the point.

Don't ever interrupt Twilight. EVER!

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