Jun 27, 2011

Pony Pics 4

I'm changing it up a little.  Instead of putting my captions above the pics,
now stay with me because it's about to get complicated, I'll put them
below the pics.  I got to thinking maybe you should see
the joke before you the punchline, so to speak.
Not that my captions are hilarious or anything, just thought 
it might work out better this way.
I don't know why but I love this pony.
She needs to have her own fan fiction.
Somebody get on that.

So thats what Earth Ponies can do.  I'd still rather do magic or fly
but I guess pulling a train could come in handy too. 

Please be in Green Lantern 2.  Please be in Green Lantern 2.
Please be in Green Lantern 2.

If your going to invest that much in chains and locks, maybe you should have just
bought a stronger refrigerator.

The middle face.  That makes my day every time I see it.

I repeat, why doesn't Celestia just get her servants to do this crap.
I really think the Princess has better things to do than clean the castle.

How has this cross over not happened yet?

Fluttershy I choose you!


  1. I think the captions turned out much better this way.

  2. love these and celesttia has the people to do it for her its just a meme about her wearing a sexy outfit like that so men with no lives can masterbate to it

  3. in my opinion she does look pretty sexy in that outfit.