Jun 27, 2011

Cars 2 Review

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Cars 2 was a movie I went into not expecting a whole lot.  I thought the first one was okay, got bogged down a lot with the whole love story thing, but a decent movie.

In the first Cars you are introduced to a hodge podge of characters in a quite little town.  In Cars 2 they are all pretty much put on the back burner.  This story is all about Mater with Lightning Mcqueen thrown in every once in while to push the story.

Lightning is going to race in a three different races around the world. Japan, Italy, and England.  He takes Mater and several of the other cars with him to be his crew.  While in Japan Mater is mistaken for an American spy and is recruited by two English agents.  Mater helps them with the bad guys and so on and so forth.

The basic premise for the plot is all about oil vs alternative fuels.  I was worried that this could become a really preachy movie about going green and what not but it doesn't get to bad.  The bad guys are trying to frame alternative fuels as Car killers and get every one to run back to oil.

This movie surprised me by how much violence was in it.  It's filled with gun fights, cars die by the dozens (especially near the beginning on an oil rig), and one car is actually tortured to death.  There was a lot of low brow humor for the kids but a lot of stuff, relating to different countries, would fly over your head if you weren't familiar with their customs.  For example in Japan there is a rock garden with a car racking it,  Mater comes up and says "Good job, you got all the leaves."

It isn't necessarily a bad movie, but it wasn't that much of a good movie.  It was a fairly good movie and if you like the first one I'd say give it a shot.  Galvin Starlight liked it better than I did.  His direct quote was "As far as sequels for animatied movies go it was a great one."

The Lord Of Dust - 6

Galvin Starlight - 7.5


  1. I have read many reviews, especially from Rotten Tomatoes, that this is the worst Pixar animation ever. But as consolation, I found out that the Pixar touch is still there. The story just got a little darker because of the whole espionage action theme. Nevertheless, it's a winner for me.

  2. If I had to choose between the two Cars movies, I would prefer the first one. My nephew's favorite character in the movie is Lightning McQueen. Underneath all the animation is the lesson about friendship and camaraderie.

    1. I think you mean car-raderie. *duh duh dhuh hits symbol.

  3. You have a point, Simon. Many say that this is one of Pixar’s less-than-stellar creations, but my kids loved it! Then it dawned on me - animated movies are primarily for kids. They aren’t for adults to critique and fret about. The mere fact that it reached more than $500 million in total revenue means it can definitely be considered a success. It’s not all about finding that ‘deep meaning’ in every movie. Sometimes, you just have to run with it and enjoy the ride. :)